AdzVillage Network

AdzVillage Network comprises several sites which give businesses and customers the opportunity to interact on a daily basis. Customers are looking for deals. Business wants to know where the clients are so that they can bring them into there stores. Since the advent of social media, it has made it easier for business to do just that. AdzVillage has the tools which will marry them both (the clients and the businesses)

AdzVillage is based on a revolutionary concept the no one can match. We are using the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus to interact with our members through our websites thus giving the business the opportunity to cash in and choose the right set of customers they want to come through there doors.

The management of AdzVillage has created these site for you you use at your leisure. Very soon this site will become the talk of the town, why not be apart today. Check out each of our sites by clicking the menus about or the tab below to get more information on each service.

AdzBoard-Pinterest style where pictures will tell more that a thousand words about your business.

AdzVillage Tv is highly interactive with fb links and comments that connect with friends from Facebook/Twitter & Google Plus.